We’re back!- with an apology


Allow us to begin with a heartfelt apology for disappearing soon after releasing our first blog. We couldn’t be more happy to tell you all why we have been away for so long. Things have changed for both Meghna and me and to our surprise, for the better. We are, however, truly sorry for not getting back on ‘Candidly Caught’ to announce, while our hearts rejoiced. Situations that needed attention engulfed us and we are here to tell you all why we have been away.

Meghna has achieved what most married women of a small city do not. After marriage her hopes and aspirations did not run low. In fact they reached higher than what she dreamed of. I’d rather let her do the talking and let it come from the horse’s mouth:

And about me- Well I was just ‘candidly catching’ up on my life as it came to me as a complete surprise in the last few months. I was swimming in the Arabian sea with my favourite bunch of old fishes from school , went on a week’s totally adulterated liquid diet, danced under the stars like never before, gave my best music exam so far (for an instrument I picked up just a year back)  & least that I expected after my extravagant girls holiday, I ended up clearing my third consecutive attempt at the research test (perhaps it took my santa quite a while loading his bag with all of these for me).    

Yay! I am pursuing a PHD & yes! after having a family & a child. Not loosing myself in this rabble was my ever priority and I am thankfully blessed with a man who understands the dreams of an extreme romanticist & the independent woman  that he tied the knot  with seven years back.

But to my dismay I see around what we girls(most of us) do in the madness of being the epitome of perfection for a wife & a daughter-in-law  without a hitch, choking the little girl inside us; and there we live the rest of our lives rummaging for our lost piece.

So, long back  I decided  on to not let that happen to myself. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law. But before everything, I am a girl to the eyes dreaming for me even today -‘my daddy & mommy’. And there you go, I being no less a dreamer myself choose to fly.

For now, doctoral on my list & I have a long one- Mind it!

In the meantime, I, Aastha, got myself geared up to enter a new phase of my life of motherhood. Still in the 29th week, I have now started to enjoy the bump, the movement of my l’ill munchkin inside the bump and the time I am spending in the preparation of its coming. I had a tough time struggling with nausea, tiredness and the ‘behavioural moods’ that led me to not accept this precious joy with the happiness that I
should’ve. A lot of me has been inside me all this while and I promise to let it all out in my next post.
For reasons so, both of us couldn’t get on to the internet and write much about what has been happening. Now we are! What has kept you all busy? Write to us and share your thoughts and experiences at candidlycaught@gmail.com
Till then, watch this space!

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